mandag 12. mars 2012

The article! + stuffs!

Read the article HERE!
If you don't understand Norwegian, use Google Translate or something, even though it's known to be somewhat.. shitty. Yah.
Here's a picture of me with my homemade cherry JSK that I haven't used for years, yay!

I wish they'd take pictures of me in my gyaru get-up, but I guess that wasn't ~*special*~ enough for them :P But all in all I think it turned out to be a nice article, and it's good to see people paying more attention to the Japanese environment we have here in Bergen!

Also, yesterday there was a memorial concert for the anniversary of the big Japan earthquake. It was arranged in Johanneskirken (Church of John), which I think -from an atheistic p.o.w.- is one of the prettiest churches I've been to! There were classical music, friends and free tea and japanese sweets! It was really nice and touching. I also got recognized by some of the people who attended who had read the article :D A Japanese lady even wanted a picture with me! 'Twas a good day.

Now I'm makin' dresses, and actually thinking quite often about this years DesuCon, and I actually wanna Cosplay! I don't know if I'll have enough time to actually put together a costume, but one can dream!
I want to cosplay:

Yoko Littner from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann


Ariel (Not sure if I want the blue dress or the wedding dress though..) from The Little Mermaid


Hope I'll have time and money to make something cool for Desucon this year! Any character suggestions? My mind is at an all time stop right now, haha! Must be female and redhead! Preferrably long haired.

Okay I'm gonna stop writing now, back to work!

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