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Fadderuka 2012 (Warning: Long post!)

Hello everyone! 
The past week has been crazy! 

When you're a freshman at a university here in Norway, we have what we call "fadderuke" (directly translated "sponsor week") before the semester really kicks off. I have been a sponsor with Thomas for half of the new "Japanese bachelor" students, and it was super fun! Basically the assignments Thomas and I had was to make the new students settle down, socialize and get to know each other! For most people (as true Norwegians), this involves a lot of alcohol.

Monday we got to know each other, and participated on a quiz night and air guitar competition! Later, we got drunk.

Jonas, Lasse and me (yes, I went full retard here)

Thomas, my co-sponsor

Boys from the air guitar competition!

Tuesday we had a "rebus race" around university grounds, and later got drunk.

Free BBQ lunch for the sponsors from our faculty. Hooray, free food!

Wednesday it was BBQ day, where we also bathed and got drunk later that night.

Ida and me in the water!

Thursday we had our pub-to-pub around the city to get the students to know the different pubs and bars better solving different tasks to gain points for best sponsor group (sounds like AA or something, lol..). We also had a theme for the night (which also gained us points), which was Zombies! Got drunk in zombie outfit, that's my third or fourth time, I think.

Group picture! I'm at the top :)

Two guys, one sausage ;)

Chan-chan, one of my "babies", in zombiegear!

Later we went to Burger King to gain some more points, and of course we ate zombie style!
Yours truly

Xerxes and Siren

Siren and Sparkles

Friday was the last day, with a theme party! This years theme was the 90's.. haha XD I dressed up like a Spice Girl.

Sadly I didn't get a full body photo of my outfit, but here's my make up and hair!

At Thomas' place for a preparty. Insanely lots of people.

Colgate with my fur jacket :P

Me and Thomas' group seemed to really enjoy themselves, because at the last Party I actually won the title the facultys best female sponsor! Aaah oh my god I did not expect that! Thanks to my lovely bunch *heart*
I also got a looot of goodies from winning that title!

Me posing with my prize 

The stuff! 

I got: 

  • 1000NOK (~170USD) gift card at Galleriet, a shopping mall
  • Face essentials, body scrub and lip balm from the Body Shop
  • 100NOK giftcard and a phone strap from PlayCom
  • 4 free bowling series From Bowling1
  • 10 tanning 20% more time cards from Brun og blid
  • Bezzerwisser minigame
  • Free pizza from Peppes Pizza
So.. not really a small prize, I'm soo happy! 

Now I am completely beat, with a soar throat, destroyed liver and a wounded knee. Perfect week, in other words! :D

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